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Customers and Services

If for one reason or another you grant us the mandate to meet your personnel needs in one of the following fields: manufacturing and industries, health, administration or IT, we are fully committed to meeting your expectations in a timely manner reasonable. 

For us it is: 

  • Dynamic commitment: understanding the company's issues and contributing to an approach that will ensure the achievement of its objectives.
  • Respect of corporate culture: each company has its values, ways of doing things and a story. It's up to us to respect them.


Our solutions consist of a billing rate that covers payroll, deductions at source, vacation and administration fees. 

Our fees correspond to a percentage applicable to the weekly or annual salary of the employee whom we place in your company. 

We have no other fees hidden or not. 

However, you can not hire an employee that we would have placed in your company within six months of the date of the start of employment. 

This will allow you to see the employees at work for six months before recruiting them and having the choice. 

Any agreement with our services will be recorded in a formal contract.